Product Description:

The GS-CLS2 is a dual channel loudspeaker outstation that can be wall mounted by keyhole slots in the base or free standing for desktop use.

The GS-CLS2 contains a dual channel circuit sub station with the same specification as the GS-DC2. A selector switch located on the front panel can be used by the operator to select the use of the headset or the loudspeaker and gooseneck microphone input (Gooseneck microphone not included).

Download data sheet here

LIST:  $729.99                     STREET EQUIV: $489.99






Product Description:

The GS-CLS1 Loudspeaker Outstation is for free standing desk top use, or can be wall mounted via keyhole slots in the base.

The GS-CLS1 contains a single channel beltpack, which has the same specification as the GS-CBP1. A selector switch located on the front panel can be used by the operator to select the use of a headset or the loudspeaker and Gooseneck mic input (Gooseneck mic not supplied)

​The CLS1 has one 3 pin female XLR and one 3 pin male XLR connector located in the side of the unit, used for line in and line out to other outstations. Also on the face, a 4 pin male XLR which is used to connect the headset.

Adjacent to this XLR is a toggle switch which allows the user to select either the headset or Loudspeaker with Gooseneck Microphone. The sound level in the headphones and the loudspeaker is controlled by a volume control and the side tone (the level of the microphone signal in its own headphones) is controlled by the screwdriver adjustment within the case.

The headset and optional Gooseneck microphone is controlled by a toggle switch PTT (press to talk) when pressed down, the switch latches on until switched back. When pressed up, the operation is momentary and when the switch is in the center position, the microphone is off. Pressing the call buttons, located next to the PTT switch, sends a call signal out of its channel and causes the call lights on all other outstations connected to that channel to flash, together with the relevant call button on the Master CMS2 if used.

The durable metal enclosure has rubber feet underneath for desk mounting and keyholes for wall mounting.

LIST:  $649.99                     STREET EQUIV: $499.99


AVAILABLE Mid Nov 2016

Available January 2017
Available January 2017
  • Solid metal case
  • two (2) intercom loops
  • push to talk buttons per loop
  • loops are linkable
  • headset socket on bottom
  • ​volume control for each loop
  • ​3 pin XLR in/out connectors on side




  • Provides power to the remote stations
  • Centralized Control functions
  • Inject program or click track
  • Select or Link intercom loops
  • compact solid metal box
  • single intercom loops
  • call button with illumination
  • PTT or Lock on microphone toggle
  • headset socket 
  • microphone socket
  • selector toggle - headset or speaker/mic
  • ​volume control for speaker level
  • two (2) XLR intercom connectors - in and out on side
  • fully compatible with most professional partyline intercom systems used in theatres, arts centers etc

​Download data sheet (pdf) here


For information call:   1-908-899-1277